THC (Cannabis) Defences (Video)


How to defend a THC Cannabis case

Our specialist solicitor, Conor Johnstone, explains the technical side of drug driving cases involving cannabis (weed). If you'd like to speak to Conor, please get in touch. All our initial advice is completely free of charge. 

Is it worth pleading not guilty to drug driving? 

It really depends upon what you hope to achieve. If you can work without your driving licence and a criminal conviction doesn't worry you, you're welcome to plead guilty. You may know by now that a guilty plea to drug driving would attract a 12 month driving disqualification and a fine. In more serious cases, you can do to prison

If however, like me, you need your vehicle for work and you can't get a criminal record, pleading guilty isn't really an option. You have to do all you can to avoid a driving disqualification.  

Let's look at the pros and cons of pleading guilty.

Pleading guilty - Pros

  • Get the case over and done with
  • A small saving on the fine 
  • Reduced legal fees 

Pleading guilty - Cons

  • Lose my licence immediately
  • No opportunity to review the evidence
  • The same length driving ban (12 months in most cases)
  • The loss of employment
  • Increased car insurance premiums 
  • No opportunity to win the case/avoid a ban
  • A criminal record

I am sure there are many more downsides to pleading guilty that you could think of. It is for this reason that I would almost always ask to review the evidence against my client. It is only by reviewing the evidence can we find fault with it. 

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