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We believe that every motorist has the right to specialist, affordable legal advice and representation, no matter what the offence. Driving has become an integral part of our daily lives. Without a driving licence, most of us couldn't work, visit family or pay the bills! The Road Traffic Act sets some of the lowest legal limits for alcohol and drugs in all of Europe, combined with the harshest penalties. Our aim is provide every client with a fair opportunity to defend the charges and check the evidence. Don't be pressured into pleading guilty without considering your options.

Defending a criminal charge isn't a difficult as you might think. Due to funding shortages and administration problems the police cut corners. By identifying these mistakes early on in your case, we may be able to avoid court proceedings. Our aim is to win your case and keep you on the road.

Conor Johnstone, Senior Solicitor

M.A.J Law represent clients across the country. We have first hand knowledge of every Magistrates' Court in England and Wales. Over the decades, we have helped thousands of motorists avoid driving disqualifications. There is no secret to our success and certainly no magic formula; we simply apply the law and check if due process has been complied with. For a better understanding of how we challenge driving cases, take a look at our case studies below. 

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Driving offences covered;

  • Drink Driving Offences
  • Drug Driving Offences
  • Failing to provide a specimen 
  • Speeding Offences
  • Dangerous & Careless Driving 

Drink Driving Offences

Drink driving carries a mandatory driving disqualification of between 12 - 36 months (longer for more serious offences). You can calculate the length of your driving ban by using our drink driving penalty calculator. 

We always advise our clients to check the evidence against them. How else will you know if a mistake has been made? It is not appropriate in all drink driving cases to plead not guilty, but in most cases it makes sense. By pleading not guilty the following things will happen;

  1. You can continue to drive for 3 - 6 months 
  2. You will force the CPS to provide additional disclosure 
  3. You cannot receive a longer ban even if later convicted 

To better understand your options, call our specialist solicitor for free advice. We can tell you within minutes what the likely outcome will be. 

Drug Driving Offences

Drug driving carries a mandatory minimum 12 month driving disqualification. The legal limits for drugs in the UK are indicative of our government's hardline approach to drug consumption. Many of those prosecuted for drug driving are not under the influence of drugs and are not impaired to drive! Believe it or not, the CPS do not have to prove that you were impaired by the drug - only that you had it in your system! 

Let me summarise the common problems with drug driving offences;

  1. Due to lack of training and limited resources, many police officers have not been trained to conduct drug driving procedures
  2. A number of police-approved laboratories have been closed down recently due to on-going problems with quality control 
  3. The CPS often misunderstand drug driving cases and fail to prosecute them effectively 
  4. Due to delays in analysing samples, many blood results are unreliable and cannot be used in court

We continue to win a phenomenal number of drug driving cases. If you would like to speak about your drug driving case, please get in touch. 

Failing to provide a specimen offences

There are a number of different failing to provide offences that you could be charged with. All of them are extremely serious and can result in immediate custody. That being said, failing to provide offences are often 'easier' to win due to unusual legal framework and burden of proof. For more information on failing to provide offences, visit our dedicated motoring page. 

Speeding Offences

Most people have been caught speeding at least once in their driving career. Many receive the option of a speed awareness course and will never require the help or assistance of a specialist motoring lawyer. In more serious cases, however, you could receive an immediate driving ban, sometimes up to 12 months. Speeding offences are made up of many different components and, surprisingly, are some of the most complicated offences to challenge. There are a few things to check if you've been caught speeding;

  1. Were you pulled over or did you receive an NIP? If you were pulled over it is likely the police used a laser device or follow-check. Both methods are susceptible to human-error and analytical inaccuracies. If you were not pulled over and have received an NIP, is it compliant and is all the information correct? 
  2. Can the police identify the exact legislation being used to prosecute you? This is often referred to as the 'local order'.
  3. Has a secondary check been conducted and are the calculations correct? 
  4. Will the CPS go to the trouble (and expense) of bringing witnesses to court or is there a good chance they won't turn up? 

You can read more about speeding defences and exceptional hardship on our page. Alternatively, get in touch for free legal advice. 

Dangerous & Careless Driving offences

M.A.J Law are now regularly representing clients that are charged with serious driving offences such as;

  1. Causing death by dangerous or careless driving
  2. Causing serious injury by dangerous driving
  3. Dangerous and careless driving 

It is no surprise that any offence where injury is caused can carry a lengthy prison sentence. It is more likely you would go to prison if drink or drugs are involved, even if you're confident these substances did not contribute to the offence. As like with any motoring offence, there are different defences that can be used to win these cases. 

It is obviously much more sensitive if a person is killed or seriously injured. Often due to pressure placed on the police by family members of the deceased or media campaigns, drivers are wrongly charged with causing death or serious injured when the evidence is inadequate. To speak in confidence about your cases, call us directly on 01514228020. 

Going to Court for a motoring offence

The prospect of court proceedings can be extremely worrying, but try not to panic. We have stood beside our clients for over 10 years. Our reputation as the UK's leading motoring defence firm is founded on our ongoing and unbeatable results. The concept of winning cases for our clients has become an obsession for our legal team. We will do as much as possible to help you achieve the best outcome - and we're prepared to work night and day to help you. 

The difference with M.A.J Law is that our solicitors go to court. That might sound like a silly statement, but many solicitors do not step foot in court. Traditionally, solicitors handle the day-to-day litigation of a criminal case (i.e. the paperwork) and barristers handle the advocacy (i.e. representation). This is disjointed and can cause practical problems in court. Of course, there will be occasions where sending a senior barrister to court is beneficial to the client - but not always. All of our solicitors represent clients in court and on the front line. We don't hind behind barristers! This means that not only do we have first hand knowledge of all magistrates courts, we're more familiar with your case because we've handled the litigation. 

In most cases you will not be required to speak in court. We will do the talking for you.

Please be aware that many of our cases never reach court. Winning a criminal case is nice, but winning it before it goes to court is even better. To understand more about how we can stop your case reaching court, speak with us today. 

Instructing a solicitor for a motoring offence

Do you actually need a specialist solicitor for a motoring offence? 

We taken a closer look at this question in one of our recent blogs. Here you'll find all the information you need. 

Motoring offence solicitors fees

One phrase jumps to mind when we talk about legal fees - 'a false economy'. 

A false economy is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary 

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