Major failings within the DVLA – challenge an unfair decision


A recent report by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman has found ‘major failings’ in certain sectors of the DVLA.
The biggest concerns relate to the Drivers Medical Group (which considers whether individuals who suffer with complex medical conditions such as Epilepsy, Posture Correctors, Strokes, neurological and mental health conditions are safe to drive).
A number of complaints were received by the Ombudsman surrounding individuals who suffer with complex conditions and were unfairly prevented from driving, some for several years, even though Medical Practitioners found the individuals medically safe to drive. It was found that there had been flawed decisions, significant delays, poor communication and complaint handling in these cases.

People’s lives have been put on hold for years because of severe delays and flawed decisions by the DVLA, leading people to lose their jobs, causing stress, worry and isolation.

Oliver Morley, chief executive of the DVLA, said it was sorry for the way some drivers’ cases were handled.

Nick Lyes, RAC public affairs spokesman, said it was vital for the DVLA to reduce unnecessary delays – but it also had a balancing act to perform.

It is vitally important that those who need their vehicles and are safe to use them can do so in the quickest time possible, but there is also a duty on authorities to keep our roads and drivers as safe as possible.

If your license has been revoked unfairly for an indefinite period, there are routes of appeal. M.A.J. Law specialise in defending drivers nationwide. If you feel as though you have been unfairly prejudiced by the DVLA as a result of a medical condition you suffer, please get in touch to discuss your options. Appealing the DVLA’s decision is not a difficult process, but the grounds on which you are appealing must be clearly established. M.A.J. Law work closely with independent toxicologists and medical experts who can assist in the appeal process by producing medical reports stating why you are not a danger on the road.

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