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Arrested for Drug Driving

What you need to know

In our latest series, Marcus A Johnstone (Senior Solicitor at M.A.J Law) discusses the key features of a drug driving case. 

Marcus Johnstone is the solicitor in charge of M.A.J Law. M.A.J Law specialise in defending criminal motoring offences. Most of Marcus' time is spent challenging drug driving cases in Magistrates' Court across the country. 

Drug driving is a recent offence, introduced after the Government felt pressure to create legal limits for certain drugs. If you're under investigation for drug driving it is very important to get legal advice quickly. We may be able to prevent the case reaching court. 

Each drug under Section 5A has a different legal limit. For Cannabis, the legal limit is 2ug/L. This is very low and often referred to as 'zero tolerance'. If you tested positive for Cannabis at the roadside you were probably over the limit (and will subsequently fail to blood test). 

In the video, Marcus explains that it is crucial to consider your options. You do not have to plead guilty to drug driving, even if you're over the limit. Before making a decision about whether to plea guilty or not, try to obtain legal advice. Most solicitors, including M.A.J Law, offer free initial telephone advice. Talk through your options and think about the risks either way. 

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