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Medical Cannabis - What are the rules?

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In 2015, the Government created a new offence of drug driving. At the same time, public perception on the use of cannabis began to change. Other countries around the world began to recognise the medicinal benefits of the drug and took steps the legalise it. Despite this, the legal limit for cannabis in this country is the zero-tolerance (2 micrograms). 75% of all our drug driving cases relate to cannabis. 

We often find ourselves engaged in conversations with clients about the use of cannabis. Some of our clients have successfully secured cannabis prescriptions from doctors, others purchase it online illegally. Please remember that CBD oil purchased online with a THC content greater than 0.2% is illegal. So what are the rules on medical Cannabis prescriptions in the UK? Do you qualify and how do you get a prescription?

This blog explores some of those questions. 

How do I get a Cannabis (Weed) prescription? 

Any doctor on the GMC register can prescribe cannabis. This includes a GP, who can prescribe under shared care arrangements (usually with the guidance of a specialist). Cannabis can be prescribed for conditions such as; 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain and neuropathy 
  • Panic Attacks 
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Epilepsy

The NHS do not routinely prescribe cannabis due to limited guidance for doctors, so it can be extremely difficult to persuade your GP to issue a prescription. Cannabis is only offered as a last resort treatment, when other front-line medicines have not been effective. Cannabis is more likely to be prescribed if other medications have produced adverse side effects. Adverse side effects include drowsiness, addiction, inability to concentrate, sickness etc... 

Medical Cannabis Clinics 

There are a number of specialist cannabis clinics that will provide further advice about your medical requirements. A quick Google search will provide a range of clinics that offer help with cannabis prescriptions. Below are some of the most popular clinics in the UK;

  1. The Medical Cannabis Clinic
  2. Sapphire Medical Clinic
  3. My Access Clinics

How do I get a Cannabis prescription?

The chosen clinic will ask you book a consultation. Consultation fees range from £99 to £300. Before the consultation, it is worth contacting your GP for a referral letter. A GP can refer you to a private practice (or chosen clinic) for specialist treatment. Obtaining a referral letter will help speed-up the process and avoid delays. The clinic will then gain access to your medical records and make a decision as to whether you qualify for medical cannabis treatments. 

You are far more likely to get a cannabis prescription in the private sector. At the time of writing, no new cannabis prescriptions have been issued by the NHS in the last 18 months (mostly due to the 'red tape' and practical difficulties). There are three exceptions where cannabis prescriptions are regularly issued. The first is for patients who suffer with multiple sclerosis. The second is childhood epilepsy. The third is for severe nausea and vomiting, usually during chemotherapy.

- Conor Johntone

Can I drive with a Cannabis prescription?

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