One Case Dropped Everyday – Drink Driving Victories

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Last week, M.A.J. Law received five ‘Notice of Discontinuances’ from the CPS, dropping the drink driving charges against our clients.

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It is important to remember that the CPS rely heavily on people entering guilty pleas on the first court date. Whether the charge against you is drink driving, failing to provide, drug driving or drunk in charge, the CPS do not have the resources to effectively prosecute these ‘motoring offences’.

See our results below;

  1. Monday – Drink Driving Allegation (Bromley Magistrates’ Court) – Discontinued
  2. Tuesday – Drink Driving Allegation (Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court) – Discontinued
  3. Wednesday – Drug Driving (Liverpool Magistrates’ Court) – Discontinued
  4. Thursday – Drunk in Charge (Yeovil Magistrates’ Court) – Discontinued
  5. Friday -Failing to provide (Guildford Magistrates’ Court) – Discontinued

Our team of specialists have become masters of their trade, often convincing the CPS to drop cases rather than risk losing the case at trial (and waste public money doing it!). Many of our drink driving cases will fail for the following reasons;

  • Errors with prosecution evidence
  • Issues with witness arrangements
  • Miscommunications with the police force
  • Non-compliance with court directions
  • General incompetence

Whatever the reason, a victory is a victory!

In most cases (including the 5 cases dropped last week) the CPS will not actually give a reason why the case has been discontinued. The notice will often use the phrase “insufficient evidence” or another similar vague term.

You don’t have to attend trial to be awarded a Defence Costs Order. Our Cost Recovery Administrators will write to the CPS immediately to recover your legal costs (subject to assessment). These are usually paid out within 12 weeks.

Penalty Calculator

For help calculating a potential drink driving penalty, use our handy tool.