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Conor is a specialist motoring defence solicitor. He is known for his extensive knowledge of drink & drug driving cases.

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Drug Driving and Hay Fever (Antihistamine)

Attention Hay-fever sufferers Since the introduction of the new drug driving laws, the number of motorists charged with drug driving has increased by around 140%. Naturally, one would assume that those charged with this serious offence have taken illegal drugs. But this is

How Do I Stop A Totting Up Driving Ban?

If you’ve been caught speeding one too many times, then you may be left asking yourself: ‘can I stop a totting up driving ban?’. These are issued when you accrue 12 or more penalty points on your licence in a three-year period – usually after three to four minor driving offences.

Careless Driving: Everything You Need To Know | Free Legal Advice

Penalties for careless driving can range from 3 penalty points to a driving disqualification. In more serious cases, where personal injury is caused, a person can go to prison for driving carelessly. Careless driving is defined as driving which falls below the standard of a competent driver.

Consequences Of Losing Your Licence

When a driving offence is severe enough to result in losing your licence, the consequences might not end there. Depending on the severity of the cause, you could be looking at fines, a criminal record or even prison time. At the very least, your insurance cost will shoot up and your job security may

Three Ways to Avoid a Drink Driving Ban | Free Legal Advice

Video Transcript The purpose of this video is to discuss the three most common ways to avoid a drink driving disqualification. If you have been charged with drink driving, it is a very serious offence, it is a criminal conviction, and it is always in your interests to consider the options open to…

How to get a Cannabis prescription 2021 | MAJ Law Solicitors

Medical Cannabis - What are the rules? M.A.J Law Ltd are a specialist team of driving defence solicitors. All our time is spent challenging police and prosecution cases on technical points of law and procedure. Our team have been fighting for clients for over 10 years.