Jan 11

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Do you get a criminal record for drink driving? | M.A.J Law Solicitors

By Conor Johnstone, Solicitor at M.A.J Law Ltd. As a specialist solicitor, I spend a lot of time defending and challenging drink driving cases, both in and out of court. I'm often asked if drink driving is a criminal conviction, and therefore a criminal record. To find out more, call us directly.

What happens in court for drink driving

What happens in court for drink driving. Attending court for drink driving can be a worrying experience. The courts are designed to feel intimidating - and can be, particularly for those who have never been to court before.

Dec 21

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How to get off a drink driving charge

There are a number of different defences that apply to a drink driving charge. Just because you are over the drink driving limit does not mean you are guilty of drink driving. This blog aims to explore the ways in which a drink driving conviction can be avoided.

The Best Drink Driving Defences in 2021 | M.A.J Law Solicitors

What are the most commonly used defences in drink driving cases? Conor Johnstone is a solicitor who specialises in defending motoring offences, in particular, drink and drug driving allegations. He regularly attends court to represent clients and has first-hand knowledge of most courts across…

Nov 17

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Causing death by dangerous driving

A person causes death by dangerous driving if; the standard of his driving falls far below a careful and competent driver, and; his driving 'causes' the death of another person. Examples of dangerous driving include racing, driving aggressively, driving whilst

Oct 28

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