Jun 21

By MAJ Law

How many pints of beer before you're over the limit?

How many pints of beers before you're over the limit? This page illustrates how many pints of beer it would take to put you over the drink drive limit in the UK. It should not be used as a method to calculate your own alcohol intake. Elimination rates vary from person to person depending on height,…

Jun 10

By MAJ Law

How does a drink driving breathalyser work?

When the subject blows into the breath test machine it continuously monitors the alcohol content in the whole of the breath blown. Initially, this comes from the upper respiratory tract. As the blowing continues, deep lung air begins to pass through the machine. This air is closest to the capillar..

Jun 9

By MAJ Law

Do I need a solicitor for drink driving?

Do you need a solicitor for drink driving? There are a number of different defences that apply to a drink driving charge. Just because you are over the drink driving limit does not mean you are guilty of drink driving. This blog aims to explore the ways in which a drink driving case can be won.

Jun 4

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May 28

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How to get a Cannabis prescription 2021 | MAJ Law Solicitors

Medical Cannabis - What are the rules? M.A.J Law Ltd are a specialist team of driving defence solicitors. All our time is spent challenging police and prosecution cases on technical points of law and procedure. Our team have been fighting for clients for over 10 years.

Apr 7

By MAJ Law

What happens if you get 12 points on your licence

What Happens If You Get 12 Points on Your Licence? speeding (3 - 6 penalty points) using a mobile phone while driving (6 penalty points) drunk in charge (10 points) driving without due care and attention (3 - 9 points) driving without insurance (3 points)