Nov 23

By MAJ Law

The Most Successful Drink Driving Defences in 2020

What are the most commonly used defences in drink driving cases? Conor Johnstone is a solicitor who specialises in defending motoring offences, in particular, drink and drug driving allegations. He regularly attends court to represent clients and has first-hand knowledge of most courts across…

Nov 17

By MAJ Law

Causing death by dangerous driving

A person causes death by dangerous driving if; the standard of his driving falls far below a careful and competent driver, and; his driving 'causes' the death of another person. Examples of dangerous driving include racing, driving aggressively, driving whilst

Oct 28

By MAJ Law

Apr 22

By MAJ Law

Drug Driving - Your Options (video)

Marcus Johnstone is the solicitor in charge of M.A.J Law. He specialises in defending criminal motoring offences. Most of Marcus' time is spent challenging drug driving cases in Magistrates' Court across the country.