Jan 27

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How does a breathalyser work?

When the subject blows into the breath test machine it continuously monitors the alcohol content in the whole of the breath blown. Initially, this comes from the upper respiratory tract. As the blowing continues, deep lung air begins to pass through the machine. This air is closest to the capillar..

Jan 25

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Jan 11

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Do you get a criminal record for drink driving? | M.A.J Law Solicitors

By Conor Johnstone, Solicitor at M.A.J Law Ltd. As a specialist solicitor, I spend a lot of time defending and challenging drink driving cases, both in and out of court. I'm often asked if drink driving is a criminal conviction, and therefore a criminal record. To find out more, call us directly.

What happens in court for drink driving

What happens in court for drink driving. Attending court for drink driving can be a worrying experience. The courts are designed to feel intimidating - and can be, particularly for those who have never been to court before.

Dec 21

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How to get off a drink driving charge

There are a number of different defences that apply to a drink driving charge. Just because you are over the drink driving limit does not mean you are guilty of drink driving. This blog aims to explore the ways in which a drink driving conviction can be avoided.

The Most Successful Drink Driving Defences in 2020

What are the most commonly used defences in drink driving cases? Conor Johnstone is a solicitor who specialises in defending motoring offences, in particular, drink and drug driving allegations. He regularly attends court to represent clients and has first-hand knowledge of most courts across…