Challenging Drug Driving Forensic Evidence – M.A.J. Law Solicitors

The importance of challenging forensic evidence in drug driving cases In 2015, a new offence was created making it unlawful to drive whilst over a specified drug limit. One of the most important pieces of evidence in any drug driving case is the Streamlined Forensic Toxicology Report, also known as…

Drink & Drug Driving Mitigation

Everyone charged with a criminal offence has a fundamental right – to plead not guilty. As a firm of specialist solicitors, we would always advise our client’s to check the evidence. Before reading the rest of our guide, take a look at the common questions below.

Drink & Drug Driving Trials in the Magistrates’ Court – M.A.J. Law

Drink driving, drug driving and failing to provide a specimen are all known as ‘summary only offences’. This means that they can only be tried in the Magistrates’ Court. A Magistrates’ Court will consist of 3 lay Magistrates, or a District Judge sitting alone. There are no gowns, wigs or juries in…

Appeal a Randox Drug Driving Conviction

Almost 500 drug driving toxicology results are under review following claims that Randox Testing Services manipulated test results. Randox Testing Services said the manipulation was of quality control data supporting the test results, rather than the samples themselves. Two staff members have been…

Second Drink Driving Offence – M.A.J. Law

Your second drink driving offence If you face being convicted of a second drink driving offence, you need to act fast. M.A.J. Law can explain your options and support you through the next steps. The earlier we can intervene, the sooner we can make a difference.