Unlawful Request for Urine


This case study is from Easter 2019.

Sentence Avoided: 3 Years Disqualification

Drink driving charges over Easter?

The police may have been ‘cracking’ down on drink driving this Easter, but you remain innocent until the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) can prove the case against you. As strange as it sounds, simply drinking alcohol and driving doesn’t necessarily make you guilty of an offence, even if the police have charged you. Many of my client’s believe they are guilty before they have even seen the evidence against them.

The procedure involved in a drink driving offence is complicated and time-consuming. Traffic officers in particular seem to be developing a ‘target-driven’ culture – focusing on meeting arrest quotas, ‘ticking-boxes’ and chasing monthly performance figures. I frequently win cases as a direct
result of the police making silly mistakes whilst wanting to ‘process’ people as fast as possible.

The aim of this series of case studies is to give you an insight into how I effectively challenge drink driving offences throughout England and Wales. These are real cases, involving real people. If you have any concerns with your own case, please contact me and I will be pleased to discuss all the options open to you. My initial telephone conference is always free of charge. My office number is 0151 422 8020. My direct email is marcus@drinkdrivingsolicitor.co.uk.

Click the link to read the full case study: Drink Driving Easter Case Study 2015