Is this your first offence?

If you’ve been charged with your first (and no doubt your last) drink or drug driving offence, we appreciate this can be a distressing and confusing time. However, it’s imperative that you act quickly to secure the specialist help you need – this could mean the difference between keeping or losing your licence. The earlier we can intervene, the sooner we can make a difference.

We can help you with;

  • Checking the evidence 
  • Identifying defences 
  • Honest and free initial advice 

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Understanding your options

Every drink and drug driving case is different, each depending on your individual circumstances and the evidential blood, breath or urine specimens. What doesn’t change, however, is the way the evidence is collected. If these specimens are not collected correctly, in accordance with the relevant statutory procedures, they may be excluded – meaning there’s no evidence to prove that you exceeded the prescribed limit.

Despite this being your first offence of driving under the influence, you could still face severe penalties. The magistrates can impose:

  • 6 months in prison
  • A £5000.00 fine
  • Community Service
  • A minimum 12 month driving disqualification

Other problems you could face include:

  • Becoming a High Risk Offender
  • Limited employment prospects
  • A significant increase in your car insurance costs
  • Difficulty travelling & obtaining visa’s

As a specialist motoring defence firm, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome – whatever the circumstances. Our dedicated family-run team will meticulously challenge the accuracy of the evidence provided by the prosecution. You may have a full defence to the allegation without knowing.

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