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Are you facing drink driving charges in London?

We are often asked who are the best drink driving solicitors in London. M.A.J Law are a team of specialist drink drive solicitors that can help save your licence. We defend all motoring charges including;

Your first court appearance at a London Magistrates' Court will undoubtedly cause you considerable stress and anxiety, but please try not to worry. Our team of drink driving experts will be happy to discuss your options with you. Remember that you can still win a drink driving case even where you're over the drink driving limit.

Drink Driving Penalties

Drink driving carries a mandatory driving disqualification. The length of the driving ban is determined by factors such as your breath reading, previous convictions and any aggravating circumstances. You can use our penalty calculator to work out the length of your ban. You can also look at the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines.

We would also recommend reading our Drink Driving Hardship page and Drink Driving Special Reasons.

London Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

You may know by now that we regularly win drink driving cases in London. Many of our cases are won due to administrative errors and miscommunication within the CPS. Take a look at the example below from a case at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

DUI London

In this case the CPS blamed an 'administrative error' for not serving crucial evidence in a client's case! Suffice to say the court didn't accept the apology and excluded the evidence. Costs were also awarded.

These mistakes are becoming increasingly common in London (most likely due to the unmanageable workload). It's no secret that London CPS are one of the busiest in the country. Drink driving cases will always be low priority when compared to other common offences like knife crime and terrorism. This can lead to silly mistakes being made and long delays in serving evidence. This has contributed to our unbeatable track record in defending drink and drug driving cases.

Your first court hearing

Please try not to worry about your drink driving court hearing. Our team of barristers and solicitors are focused on achieving the best outcome for you. We are currently the highest rated motoring defence firm in the UK. We would usually start by discussing your case over the phone (or in person if you're local). Simply call and ask to speak to a solicitor. Our initial advice is free of charge and comes with no obligation. Once we've gained an understanding of your case, we can tell you whether you have a defence to the allegation (or a special reason). Remember that a defence could be technical or procedural (you may not realise it's a defence until we tell you). If we advise you to plead guilty, we can explain how to minimise the sentence imposed by the court. This sometimes involves negotiating with lower charges with the CPS. 

To learn more about drink driving defences, please see our case studies

M.A.J Law has specialised in motoring offences for 10 years. Our team have over 50 years combined experience defending drink driving cases in and around London, so we know what to expect.

Magistrates' Courts in London

We have first hand experience of representing clients charged with serious motoring offences in all London Magistrates' Courts, including;

Who are M.A.J Law?

M.A.J Law are a team of driving defence lawyers. We represent clients charged with all motoring offences including drink driving, drug driving, failing to provide and speeding. Many of our cases are won on technical points of law and procedure. 

You will no doubt be extremely worried about your first court hearing. Our drink driving team would be pleased to discuss your options in detail. We can also confirm our fixed fee pricing structure with you.  

London Court contact details;

Drink Driving Solicitors in London

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Thinking of pleading guilty?

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