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Where is Manchester Magistrates' Court?


Address: Manchester Magistrates' Court, Crown Square, Wood St, Manchester M60 1PR

Who are M.A.J Law?

M.A.J Law is a team of specialist driving defence lawyers in Manchester. Our driving defence solicitors have extensive expertise in defending all forms of driving charges from drink driving to speeding. We have an impressive track record in road traffic law and in helping our clients avoid points and driving disqualifications.

If you have been accused of drink driving and are in need of a drink driving solicitor in Manchester please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options and speak with one of our traffic law experts. We can provide you with legal counsel, assistance, and direction.

If you are accused of a DUI offence then get in touch immediately. We may be able to resolve your case out of court (meaning a court hearing is not necessary). This can also help to avoid press interest and damage to your reputation. 

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Court Facilities

  • There is disabled access at this court and assistance dogs are welcome

  • Hearing enhancement facilities

  • Hearing loop 'T' availble at this court.

  • Lifts

  • Private interview rooms 

  • Public waiting areas

  • Baby changing facilities are available

Clients we've represented at Manchester Magistrates' Court in 2021

2021 has been a record breaking year for M.A.J Law, both in terms of case victories and court appearances. The team at M.A.J Law are very familiar with Manchester Magistrates' Court, having dealt with countless cases there over the years.

We represent clients in Manchester on a weekly basis. In fact, we dealt with more cases in Manchester last year than any other part of the country. This gives us an obvious advantage when we're negotiating with prosecutors (many of whom know us very well) or dealing with difficult judges! Being a 'friendly face' in court can make a big difference on the day - especially when we're trying to 'win over' the magistrates and secure positive outcomes. Many of our clients need a vehicle to work and want to avoid a driving ban if possible. We have developed different defence strategies to minimise driving bans or avoid them all together. Even if you were over the drink driving limit, you could still avoid a driving disqualification. You may even have a defence without knowing. 

If you would like to discuss your case, please get in touch. Remember that all our initial advice is free of charge.

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