VY - Kidderminster Magistrates' Court

The legal system is an unusual concept to me. The thought that laws are created which limit our freedoms seems unfair. I am a regular user of Cannabis. I use Cannabis for its medicinal purposes (but also recreationally with friends over the weekend). I’ve always stayed clear of alcohol which I believe to be far more harmful. I appointed MAJ Law to check the evidence against me. I had very little hopes of winning the case because the courts just want you convicted. In my experience, magistrates aren’t interested in hearing evidence from defendants. They’re ‘pally’ with the police and will also believe them. MAJ Law changed my opinion.

Long story short I won my case due to CPS disclosure delays. The CPS were told to hand evidence to me by a deadline. Shortly before the deadline passed we received 30 pages of evidence but it didn’t include the extra expert evidence it should have. My solicitors told me they would take the case back to court and get it kicked out. I didn’t even need to go! I 3:30pm on the afternoon of the hearing my solicitor called me with the good news – the judge had binned my case!

Overall I’m extremely happy with MAJ Law. I’m also pleased to be getting some money back from the Government!

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