SA - Guildford Magistrates' Court

I appointed MAJ Law to represent me on a motoring charge. I was not familiar with the process because I have never been in trouble with the police before. My children rely on me driving and I cannot work without my licence. I stood to lose everything. MAJ Law were very welcoming and non judgemental. It was obvious that they have dealt with hundreds of these cases previously because they knew things about my case that I had not mentioned (like how I was processed at the police station and what I told by the police). They assured me that we would probably win the case on a procedural point. I may also be able to take advantage of slow prosecution disclosure. I instructed them because I had very little choice.

They are extremely knowledgeable, highly professional and friendly. After not to long, my solicitor called me to deliver the good news – the CPS had dropped my case. I couldn’t believe – I thought it was a prank call! But no, my solicitors had secured an acquittal.

Thank you.

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