DK - Tameside Magistrates' Court

It didn’t occur to me that cases like these involved so many procedural technicalities, I’m still not sure how it all works. My solicitors explained to me (probably more than once!) that if the police did not ask me the correct questions, or give me certain information, then I could not be convicted. I’ll be honest I questioned this approach at first as I was worried about making the situation worse for myself. Up until speaking to MAJ Law I’d convinced myself to plead guilty (because I knew I was – or so I kept repeating in my head). My solicitor explained that I am not guilty by law if the police procedure was wrong.

I had nothing to lose so I gave them a shot. It took a few months but they kept me in the loop. Communication for me is very important and I wanted to know I could trust that the work being carried out was worthwhile. I was assured that we were making steady progress.

I’m glad I put my trust in MAJ Law. They were able to find fault with the police process which led to the case being discontinued. I can now get my life back on track and enjoy my Christmas. Thank you to the team at MAJ Law!

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