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The team were very professional and explained how things could go. My Son blew 48mg on the breathalyser machine at the police station, but after scrutinising the evidence the internal clock on the mac

CASE DISMISSED! I received the news this afternoon and to say I’m relieved is an understatement. My case was very serious (I was charged with failing to provide) and have previously been to prison for

What a Christmas present!! I was quite upset when I found out my case would drag on until 2020, especially considering I was arrested in March 2019! Over the past few weeks my solicitors deployed a st

The legal system is an unusual concept to me. The thought that laws are created which limit our freedoms seems unfair. I am a regular user of Cannabis. I use Cannabis for its medicinal purposes (but a

Absolutely delighted with the service I received. Conors expert knowledge of the MGDDA procedure saved my licence and my livelihood, Thanks for everything.

BC - City of London Magistrates' court


29 January 2021

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10/10! I couldn’t have asked for a better service, brilliant from start to finish. I would highly recommend MAJ Law. They were informative and very professional.