Our Pricing Structure

  • We work on fixed fees
  • Our costs are clear from the outset
  • Our fixed fees are charged in stages, meaning you don't pay for work that is not necessary
  • If we win your case, we can apply for costs 

“How much is this going to cost me?”

This is a question that we’re asked on a daily basis. Fortunately, it’s an answer we’re happy to give.

Our fixed fee pricing structure

The aim of a fixed fee is to ensure that legal costs are kept to a minimum. If a defendant is successful, a Defence Costs Order (DCO) is usually granted by the court. A DCO entitles a firm to apply for the costs associated with challenging the allegation. The client may then receive some, or all, of the costs they’ve paid.

Cost Certainty is Crucial

Additional legal costs can be hidden in small print and terms of business. We believe that cost certainty is crucial and that transparency is the key to a successful solicitor/client relationship. No hidden costs. No nasty surprises. All our fees are made clear from the outset.

Feel free to ask us about our fixed fee pricing structure. You may be surprised to find out that a unique defence strategy developed by a specialist motoring defence practice isn’t as expensive as you first thought. All our fixed fees are truly fixed.

Read our Case Studies

Our Case Studies are based on real-life cases involving real-life clients.
They highlight the common mistakes made by both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service when ‘processing’ drink driving offences. You may even spot similarities between these cases and your own.

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